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Show # 79 - The Oreo Episode


This week's show is somewhat Oreo cookie, we have hard rocking tunes on one side, a smooth creamy center with blues and jazz selections and end with more great energetic independent music.

To get the blood pumping and your engergy level up I start with the Sean Chambers Band getting into the groove with Love Can Find A Way off his 2005 CD "Humble Spirits". But we don't stop there but roll right into some Southern rock and roll with Red Dirt by Renegade Rail.

This week I play the title track off a CD I got in just too late to include in last week's show. It's the band Mission Blues from Kansas City, MO and the song is Don't Live There Anymore off their album "I Don't Live There Anymore". From there I roll into a smooth blues tune called Ain't Nobody's Business by the Barry Richman Band from Atlanta Georgia.

I have sort of a Kevin Bacon's "Six Degrees of Separation" moment this week in that I feature music and bands that all share a common link. They all feature the talents of Grammy™ winning session drummer Bill Ray. I first met Bill when he was with the San Diego, California band Tubby during our Big Break interview on episode #9. He has toured all over the world and was both the studio and touring drummer for Ike Turner. Ike's latest album won a Grammy™ in which Bill played most all the tracks. I start off with a live track from Tubby called On Fire. Next you hear the track Spoke Too Loud from Sheila Sondergard's new album of the same name which highlights Bill Ray's different playing styles.

Continuing with the relationship angle I next play the song Normal by Cindy Alexander off her latest album "Wobble With The World". Last year was conducting an online band competition in which the band Tubby and Cindy Alexander were competing for a record deal with Grammy™ winning producer David Foster. Tubby came in fifth place, but Cindy won the competition. However she had already produced three albums on her own prior to winning and did not find the "record deal" to be to her liking so she turned it down.

One of the new artists to The Big Break this week goes by the name of Melinda and I play her song What If. I follow that up with another great tune by the Sarah Ayers Band called Alaska from her album "3 AM Epiphany". As promised I round out the "Oreo" theme with a rocking blues tune by the Lara Price Band called Movin' On which features the super talented guitarist Laura Chavez.

I'm happy to bring to you another great rocking tune from Tyler Guthrie. This time I feature her song Behind Every Good Woman. And since I have the blood pumping once again I roll right into my favorite track from the Kelly Richie Band called Sister's Gotta Problem. A song by Allison Thrash called No Poaching follows that and we close out the show with a blues/swing tune called Something About You by the Jeff Jensen Band.