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Show # 88 - Things Are Changing

[display_podcast] Changes are underway with the sound of The Big Break Music Podcast. I'm working on new show opener/closing segments and other content for the show. New submissions of CDs and MP3s from bands and artists arrive in my mail almost every day now and I continue to find excellent independent music all across the Internet.

Todays show features only a few tunes that have been played on the show before. Most music in this episode comes from new artists or tracks from returning bands not yet aired.

As usual we start off rocking with a song by Trey Sansom called King Of My Hill. Brother Love has a new album out and we play the title track Turn It Up. A great piano boogie follows with Tommy Keys playing Rum Boogie Woogie. We close out the first set with the song I Had Me A Woman from the Mike Goudreau Band.

I start off the second set with an energetic Southern/Rock tune from the band Rebel Storm called Takin All I Can. We are getting rain here for the first time in quite awhile, so I felt like playing Hurricane by the Scott Weis Band. Another new artist I found on Myspace this week is the Janet Lynn Band and her song Where You Been So Long. Following that track we hear Joe Bonamassa sing his song Asking Around For You from his 2006 CD "You and Me".

The third set kicks off with the Jamie McLean band with the song Woman Stay. I make it a point to catch Jamie's show whenever he's town. We roll right into the song Mean Evil Woman by the Jackie Payne/Steve Edmonson Band from their CD "Master Of The Game". I add a little country flair to the mix with Baby I Love You by Diana Page. And we close out the show with Strange Voodoo by Robert Waugneux (one-you).

We also hear a message from Ron Stroope of the Zip71101 podcast asking for our support for Karmyn Tyler's sister Diane who lost everything recently in a house fire. Donations can be made via PayPal by clicking here.

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