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Show # 89 - Holiday Blues


Fighting the mobs of people at the shops and malls has me worn down a bit. One of the things I'm not a fan of is the playing of holiday music so far in advance of Christmas. By this time of the month, I'm already tired of the traditional tunes and so I decided to ward off the holiday blues by offering my own "Holiday Blues".

Rock N Roll by Wiser Time Catch Me Before I Go by The Blues Experience with Cash McCall Don't Try to Tell Me by Reverend Zen Clouds On The Horizon (feat. Joe Bonamassa) by Walter Trout Get It From Me by Sarah Ayers Band So Glad I Found You by Bobby Parker Ballad of John Lee by Brad Wilson In The River by Laurie Morvan Band Santa Fe by The Bluescasters What The Blues Is All About by Chick Willis

Promos played are: eMailOurMilitary, LogicalLoss and The Chillcast with Anji Bee