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Show #91 - Back Among The Living


It seems that for the better part of January I've been fighting some form of respiratory bug or other malady that's kept me from producing new episodes. Either my energy level was low or my voice was so bad that I'd only get a few sentences out before triggering a hacking cough. But now my system has recovered quite a bit and I'm getting back into the swing of things.

As I was going through my music playlist, I found some tracks that I've not played in some time along with some great new songs recently sent to me. So this episode is a mix of tracks you may not have heard in a while and great new music.

Baby Hates Me by Danko Jones Letting Go by Retrograde Hard Stuff by George Thorogood Automatic Woman by Christina Vierra Maybe I'm Amazed by Blake Morgan Booty Voodoo by Lee Coulter That's All She Left Me by The Bluescasters Get Your Own Coffee by the Janet Lynn Band Controlled by the Julie Schrieber Band What A Man by Soul Summit Walk Away by Katy Pfaffl Sticking Around by Jarah Jane Free and Easy by Lovespirals

Promos: Journeys Inside My Mind 100th Episode Special, Chillin with Lovespirals