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Show # 96 - Smooth Grooves


The response has been very positive on my last show featuring Ruby James. Additional video footage of her live acoustic set is starting to show up on Ruby's Myspace page and on YouTube. I'm in the process of editing several more songs from the performance.  Be sure to keep up to date on her website and her Myspace page.

I've also confirmed my interview with Shane Alexander to talk about his new CD The Sky Below and will be featuring his music and words on an upcoming show.

Today's show has a variety of music styles, which reflects the mood I've had most of the week. The theme leans more towards Jazz, R&B and Soul. It is another of my "Oreo" style shows, where the mood takes on distinct layers going from upbeat and fun, to soulful and unique, then finishing with a chill-out and reflective vibe.

We start off strong with Kelly Mueller and her song Real Love. This woman sings as beautiful as she looks. This lays a good foundation for the debut of a new artist to The Big Break this week, and that is Kerry Politzer. From her 2007 CD titled You Took Me In we get to hear Love Is In The Atmosphere.

I've always been a fan of Martha Redbone, even before my interview with her way back on show # 14. The first track I heard of hers is still one of my favorites which is Hard Livin'. I continue my re-visit with past interview guests by playing Heaven Knows by Dahlia Wakefield (show # 17). That song always reminds me of 70's vintage Olivia Newton John. We follow that up with Love The Beat by Stefanie Seskin and Blue Number Nine. Stefanie holds a special place in my heart as she was my first interview guest (show # 4). Finally I bring that set to a close with Crazy by Whitney Steele (show # 41)

I received a new CD in the mail from Mick Wainman from Digital Music Marketing this week featuring the band Sky Cries Mary. This Seattle based band gets inspiration for their name from the song "The Wind Cries Mary", made famous by another Seattle rocker named James Marshal Hendrix. Their music has been featured in film (Bourne Supremacy) and on TV. From their brand new album release Small Town, we hear Five Train.

My R&B/Soul layer for the show comes from Ola Onabule off his album In Emergency, Break Silence and it's called Parallel Universe. Robin Stine continues the jazz theme from the warmer climates of Florida with her song Never Say Goodbye. Another great tune from Joan Osborne off her album Pretty Little Stranger is called Who Divided.

Nearing the end I build the foundation for the final musical layer of this week show with Beth Hirsch and her song Wholehearted. An episode of The Big Break Music Podcast featuring smooth jazz would not be complete with another of my favorite songs from the lovely and talented Karmyn Tyler called Drifting.