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Show # 99 - King Karma



On today's show I have music and an interview with bassist Todd Ronnin of the band King Karma.

I'm a fan of all genres of music. Being from the South, I have a longtime love of the hard rock stylings of bands like Lynyard Skynyrd, Deep Purple, and Led Zepplen. Well recently I added King Karma to that list. The band boasts a lineup of incredible mu

sicians with guitarist Markus Wolfe, Rick Fedyk on drums, powerful vocals by Shaun Williamson and bedrock strong bass guitar riffs by my guest tonight Todd Ronnin.

The band had the opportunity to work with legendary music producer Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy was a member of Aretha Franklin's band and later when on to produce albums for Lynyrd Skynrd, Blackfoot, The Rossington Band, Bob Segar and Paul Simon. He was also part of the famous Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, otherwise known as the Swampers.

In our interview you'll get to hear about the recording process, inspiration for many of the songs on the album, as well as stories of working with Paul Rogers of Bad Company and playing at the infamous Sturgis motorcycle biker rally.

All songs from their self titled album "King Karma"

Midnight Sun Breath Devil's Road Into The Everlast Heavin's Burning I'm Listening Shake My Bones Blue Monday Twilight Child