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Show # 101- Busy times, Good Tunes



This past month has been busy with new projects and lots of newly submitted music from great independent artists. I have been involved in live video production and getting involved in the local New Media communities. Finding time to produce an episode of The Big Break has been a challenge but my backlog of music is building so I thought it was a good time to release some of this new music out on the web.

I start off the show with a tune from a band that sent me a CD recently called Four Trips Ahead from their self-titled album due for release May 20th. The song I picked from the album is called A Moment.


Since springtime is in full bloom here in Charleston, I felt it appropriate to include the great tune from Brother Love called Summertime to remind us of the good times ahead.


The band Reverend Zen continues with another favorite of mine, reminding us that we are indeed in Dangerous Times.


The question Can You Hear Me is asked by the band Everblue next followed by a rocking blues tune from the Sean Chambers band called Love Can Find A Way. Louise Hughes follows up to remind us that there is No Telling.


With springtime here and all the pretty southern women running around in their warm weather outfits, it doesn't help but inspire me to think about Talkin' About Love, as perfectly expressed by the band Rebel Storm.


The Janet Lynn band asks the very important question; Do you love me and Where You Been So Long?. Sweet Suzi and the Blues Experience then tells us that Your Mama's Talkin'. Kerry Politzer knows that love is everywhere. In fact Love Is In The Atmosphere.


I was recently in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and was reminded that Bike Week is almost upon us. Every spring thousands of bikers decend on that town for sun, fun and beautiful riding weather. "Mean" Gene Kelton and the Diehards are a legend in the biker concert arena and they show why with their rocking tune Down Low.


The Atlanta based Barry Richmand Band closes out the show with a song I can't get enough of. He tells us that it Ain't Nobody's Business.