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Show # 86 - Slow It Down


This week has been very busy as I've been doing a significant re-model of our studio. My new Macbook Pro arrived and I decided to change my equipment layout used for recording the show. So this weeks show has more of a slower pace than usual. You get to hear a number of different styles and genres. I think this episode and last week's one as well provide a look into my musical soul.

I start off the show with music from a new band to The Big Break called The Bluescasters. The song is called Fat Eddie's Diner off their "Five Dimes" CD. Following that tune we have the Reverend Jimmy Bratcher with Three Chords from "Red".

The music from Heart's Ann Wilson solo album "Hope & Glory" is highlighted with her song Where To Now St. Peter, which features background vocals by Sir Elton John. The band Red Letter brings us a favorite song of mine called You Don't Change from their 2006 CD "Wishbone".

The latest release from the beautiful and talented Whitney Steele is up next with Where Did You Go. Chris Church's song Oh So Gone is next. Be sure to check out the interview with Chris Church I featured on The Big Break # 62.

Sara Spade makes a return visit with her song All You Want from her 2004 CD of the same name. The beautiful voice of Beth Hirsch singing Indelibly You always puts me in a smooth jazz-like vibe everytime I hear it.

Another past interview guest on The Big Break is Dahlia Wakefield, and this week's selection is from her 2006 CD "Down This Road" and is the title track Down This Road. Laura Hughes brings us her song Full Of Grace.

Once again I play music from an interview guest. This time Ruby James offers up her song Passengers from her EP "Sweet As Sin". Ron Rutherford brings us Lone Wolf, the title track off his latest CD. I close out this episode with the incomparable vocal talents of Karmyn Tyler and her song Drifting.